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Where it all Began:

The Parker Family Reunion began the annual tradition of gathering for our family reunion in the summer of 1983 in order to honor the legacy of Marion and Mattie Parker and their descendants. The tradition continues today. Each year since a family member has offered to host the reunion in the city where they live (or near it)! You can find a listing of past reunion locations on the left.

At present, our web site is still under re-construction. Check continue to check the site as we add information.

Where we are Today:

The reunion over the years has grown and shrunk as the generations change, while the size of the family has continued to grow, and we are currently trying to get the next generation more actively involved in attending the reunion.

We also have a Facebook page for the family reunion where everyone is encouraged to join and participate. It is however, not a public page, so please ask any relatives you are connected with on Facebook to invite you to the group. If you cannot find anyone, please friend Rodney Humphrey and he will be happy to add you to the group.